Work Project VenueBook / Home

VenueBook / Home

Redesigning the VenueBook home page.

Though we redesigned the site in June 2015, as we grew to better understand our market, our brand had to grow, as well.


There were two products: ExpressBook and Request a Quote. We originally added a banner to the home page in order to show that there were two equally important products a planner could use, but this caused more confusion. Additionally, our “How it Works” section had verbose and confusing copy.

Finally, the home page didn’t speak to any possible “use-cases” for planners who were new to VenueBook. We needed a way to quickly educate these individuals (who are not savvy with event industry lingo) on what we can do to make their lives easier.


Accidental planners–individuals who work for small/medium-sized businesses who planned events because it was a need, not because it was their primary job title.


Two Products, One Page: We had to figure out how we could give equal attention to these two products on the home page without causing extreme confusion to the planner.

Clarity: How could we make the copy as concise as possible, without leaving out important details?

Design Process

The first step I took was research. I created an InVision Board to track inspiring home pages. After I saved about 12-15 home pages, I printed them all out, and analyzed them all. I came to the realization that many of the home pages, though they were pulled from companies across industries, had a similar trend, from top-to-bottom: banner with a call-to-action, how it works section, product benefits/use-cases, testimonials, final call-to-action, and a footer.

Using this basic formula, I created wire-frames and then a high-fidelity mock-up, which is currently in being prepped for review in a future usability session.

Process: Analyzing home pages of well-known companies for similarities, continued


No need to re-invent: As startups, there’s a constant pressure to “innovate” and make something new. But you realize very quickly that innovation can be discovered through something that has already been done.

Instead of spending hours to redesign a homepage, poring over trying to create some “amazing, new, and different” homepage structure, it was much easier to take a look at what others were doing and using that to inspire the design process.

Process & Mock-up: Process, continued & the final design