Work Project VenueBook / ExpressBook

VenueBook / ExpressBook

Done-for-you event package experiences.

Planning an event is hard if you’re not experienced. That’s where ExpressBook comes in. Whether you’re a seasoned planner or a neophyte, ExpressBook allowed anyone to book an event package (venue included) within 48 hours.


Though the redesign was successful, our work wasn’t done. The next step was to release a new product–ExpressBook. With the regular VenueBook flow, a planner could Request a Quote from multiple venues, and compare proposals once received. This process could take a bit of time–what about planners who wanted to quickly book a happy hour for a small company gathering?

With ExpressBook, a planner could book a venue within 48 hours or less. But how could we differentiate to site visitors that we offered two different products?


Planners who needed to quickly book a venue for an event such as a company happy hour or a ladies’ night out.


Differentiation: The ExpressBook user funnel would be similar to the Request a Quote funnel, sans a few key differences. I needed to find a way to ensure that the funnel was familiar enough to invoke cohesiveness and familiarity, while indicating to planners that ExpressBook was a completely different product.

Design Process

As always, my first step to any project is research. I compiled data to see what other companies who specialize in packages create a hierarchy of information: deals sites, hotel sites, vacation sites, and airline sites, to name a few. I compared a list of 8 different sites, and broke down the key components each had. Using that as a framework, I compared it to what the absolute needs of the pages on our site were.

After that, I created wire-frames and then high-fidelity mock-ups, which were shared in usability sessions. Once final tweaks were made, the mock-ups were passed off to the developers using Zeplin.

Sketch & Mock-up: ExpressBook Profile layout and hierarchy


Communication: We jumped right into this project after our redesign of the entire VenueBook site and brand, so our communication as a team was still a bit shaky. This project gave us the opportunity to really hammer out any communication issues we had by constantly checking in wither each other (3x a week, as well as Slack chats).

Mock-up: Final design and layout of the ExpressBook landing page