Client Project One Life. One Purpose.

One Life. One Purpose.

Online course to find your life purpose.

One Life, One Purpose is an empowering online course created by personal branding coach, Kristen Domingue.

The course is taught over four weeks to individuals who want to live a fulfilling life, doing work they were meant to do by finding a Life Purpose.


Kristen Domingue, a personal brand coach, realized that there were many people who didn’t know what their life purpose was. She wanted a site and a brand that would speak to the higher level of consciousness that is oft associated with finding oneself. She also needed the site to be easy for assistants to update and make changes to.

I knew that in order to help her, we’d need to make sure that the core values of One Life, One Purpose resonated with the intended audience. From a brand persona to interviews, we worked together to create a product that brought One Life, One Purpose to life.


For One Life, One Purpose, Kristen already had a very clear idea of who she wanted to serve: women between the ages 25-45, who feel lost and confused about what they are meant to do with their time on Earth.


As product designer, I worked directly with Kristen (the business owner), as well as a project manager. I focused on user experience, user interface design, branding, interaction design, and HTML5/CSS3 development.

From beginning to end, this meant conducting user research, mapping the user journey, creating wireframes, developing high-fidelity mockups, and building the site from scratch on WordPress.


Freedom: While I’ve worked with WordPress for many years, most of the sites I’ve built were for individuals who were very tech-savvy. In this case, I had to make sure that once the site was built, Kristen or any assistant could easily log into the site to moves around blocks on the site, or modify copy without having to rely on me to make every change.

Remote: Myself, the project manager, and Kristen worked remotely, so it was incredibly important for us to be in constant communication to ensure the launch went off without a hitch.

Design Process

The first thing I do with any client is interview them in order to flesh out a design persona. The design persona helps me to understand what kind of brand I’ll be creating and how that brand will feed into the overall design.

Once we completed the design persona, I created some initial mockups for Kristen to review. She chose what she liked the best and from there, I began creating a style guide for fonts, colors, and overall design.

When I finished the style guide, I used it to inform my development cycle of building the site. I created template pages in PHP, structured the content using HTML, and implemented the overall design using CSS.


Communication is important: Like any team, we weren’t perfect but we realized that it’s important to communicate, even if it means that you believe you might be over-communicating.